Prof. Barbara MOSER-MERCER

PAR is all about research for social change. This approach supports the development of skills and makes refugees and IDPs more employable; communities benefit as the knowledge created collaboratively helps solve their own problems, and the solutions generated will be more readily adopted broadly as the community has worked on identifying and creating them.  To […]

Problem-tree analysis by camp-based refugees

AHEEN members and our refugee researchers embark on a comprehensive assessment on access, participation and completion of education for refugees and asylum seekers residing in urban areas in Kenya. As the operational context has shifted and the inclusion of refugee learners in national service delivery gathers momentum, while the medium- to long-term economic effects of

African art

Read the blog post: In search of peace – refugees’ perspectives on peace A new research award to AHEEN – PEACE BUILDING THROUGH HIGHER EDUCATION IN EMERGENCIES In this project we aim to empower youth in protracted and acute conflict settings to participate in bringing about constructive change at the local level using our pedagogical

green leaf tree near mountain covered by snow at daytime

AUGMENTED WEBINAR SERIES Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy, and sustainable human development Kofi Annan Overview Digital content is not innocent. Behind the seemingly wonderful videos, presentations and documents lie a (mostly) invisible world of usability and accessibility. In this augmented webinar

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