Somali National University (SNU)

Somali National University logo

Somali National University (SNU) is the only national pubic university established in 1954 in the Trust Territory of Somalia (trust territory of Somalia under Italian administration). It obtained official university status in 1969. Before the collapse of the Somali National University in 1991 due to nationwide civil war, SNU had 14 faculties offering a wide range of specialties with  an enrolment of more than 16,672 students, and about 700 academic and non-academic Somali staff and more than 400 foreign teaching stuff. Due to nationwide civil war which broke out in  the early 1990s classes at the university were suspended. In 2014 the Federal Government of Somalia relaunched the university and many of its former campuses were rehabilitated for study. Currently, the university has three functioning campuses in Mogadishu and two branch campuses in two Somali Federal States; for now there are eleven faculties offering a  wide range of mainly undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

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