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The University of Juba (UoJ) is one of the five public Universities in South Sudan established in 1975. It is a premier public University located in Juba, South Sudan. It is a center of excellence, dedicated to national economic empowerment and social transformation. As a leading centre of excellence, the UoJ’s vision is To become a dynamic regional and world-class centre of excellence in teaching, research, innovation and service to community by 2030. The mission is to promote national economic empowerment and social transformation through provision of quality education, pursuit of relevant research, promotion of innovation, technology transfer, revival of national cultural heritage, environmental conservation and service delivery to the community. 

Beyond University Education level, UoJ and partner organizations provide holistic support and assistance aimed at increasing access to quality secondary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, technical vocational training, capacity building in agriculture and innovation hubs through targeted training that includes entrepreneurship and business skill development for out of school youth. The UoJ’s initiatives also focus on training teachers in 21st century technological skills to enhance educational opportunities, particularly in low-resource and fragile environments. UoJ Statistics

UoJ is actively involved in addressing the practical and strategic needs of refugees and displaced persons (RDPs) by generating and sharing knowledge in the field of Refugee and Migration Studies (CRMS), influencing policies, and fostering positive change in RDP communities. It aims to bridge the gap between academia and society through collaboration and knowledge exchange, supporting the aspirations and needs of RDPs while promoting social progress and sustainable development in the region.

The UoJ’s Centre for Distance Education (CDE) offers a diverse range of degree programs in various fields relevant to RDPs including business and management, economics, education, peace and security studies, rural development, and law, enabling students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills. UoJ’s Institute of Peace, Development and Security Studies (IPDS), recognized as a Center of Excellence in peace building, conducts research on forced migration, develops policy documents for the government, and collaborates with other Universities in the region on issues related to refugees and IDPs. Additionally, UoJ’s National Transformational Leadership Institute (NTLI) focuses on building the capacity of marginalized women, girls, and youth in Transformational leadership, conflict management and Peacebuilding, Gender-based violence prevention and response, business entrepreneurship, trauma healing and psychosocial support.

Through these outreach efforts, UoJ is committed to addressing the needs of marginalized populations in partnership with governmental organizations, UN agencies, NGOs, and community-based organizations, participating in national steering committees and peace building mechanisms. It also collaborates with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, and TVET and STEM centers to develop customized curricula. The University’s STEM center provides transferable skills through STEM education, while the UNIPOD innovation hub, supported by UNDP, fosters collaboration and experimentation for development of entrepreneurship.

Additionally, UoJ plans to scale up tertiary skills for young refugees, particularly girls, by providing training, capacity strengthening, scholarships, and recognition of prior learning in collaboration with relevant institutions and organizations in South Sudan and Uganda.

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