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Podcasts related to AHEEN

Feel free to also listen to other podcasts that also refer to the AHEEN work in humanitarian settings. The first two below come from the Reimagining Education in Humanitarian Settings podcast series which is well worth a listen.

Digital and Humanising Pedagogiesdigital-and-humanising-pedagogies
ADUN Digital Pedagogy in Fragile Contexts – Webinar Overview
The series of 9 Augmented Webinars aimed to develop digital pedagogy capacity in the participating university partners as they prepare their curriculum for teaching in emergency contexts. This document provides a detailed overview of the 9 Augmented Webinars with direct links to viewing and additional resources from the ADUN website. Using this document as a guide those teaching virtually at the tertiary level in emergency contexts will benefit from comprehensive theoretical as well as practical guidance. 
Digital and Humanising Pedagogiespdfdigital-and-humanising-pedagogies
AHEEN Research Statement

Our focus is on participatory knowledge creation that benefits the very communities whose problems the research is trying to address: as our students live in refugee and IDP contexts, the communities are either refugee/IDP camp or urban refugee communities. We promote a scholarship of discovery, integration, application and teaching. As these are the focus of considerable attention from international actors and their solutions, building capacity and systems that are local and adopt local and decolonized approaches, is essential to our vision of research for social change.

Researchresearch methods, research valuespdfresearchresearch-methods research-values
AHEEN Research Ethics Guidelines

Provides detailed guidance on research ethics in fragile contexts and with vulnerable populations with specific reference to how AHEEN research projects are conducted.

Research ethicsresearch methodspdfresearch-ethics researchresearch-methods
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