Diploma in Disaster Management

Kenyatta University

Society is perennially exposed to both natural and human-induced disasters. The risks of exposure to emergencies and disasters are closely associated with society’s development since development often implies interaction with, and extraction of natural resources. Currently, pertinent questions are being posed concerning the magnitude of perils induced by human activity and technology, leading to disaster and interference with the natural balance and order. At the same time, contemporary disasters are increasingly perceived as seriously fatal with some having irreversible and long-term effects. Some disasters are capable of reversing years of development and human investment thus contributing to retrogression and wastage of resources. There is therefore need for society to build a capacity to prevent, manage and mitigate emergencies and disasters. Kenya has experienced emergencies and disasters of various magnitudes like many other countries in the world. As a result, disaster preparedness and management are increasingly being integrated in the various sectors of the economy and government. The need for preparedness has also necessitated the development of adequate human capacity for people working in these areas. Regrettably though, relevant personnel have been inadequately equipped with capabilities to effectively respond to disasters, when they arise. There is also an urgent need to avoid relying on foreign expertise in this field. The proposed course therefore, will address these issues.

Target Group.

  • Those charged with controlling and managing disasters in organizations such as government, the private sector, NGOs, and international organisations.
  • Officers serving in the armed forces, the police, the navy and other related fields.
  • Those working in disaster prone areas such as mines, airports, sea ports, factories, industrial plants and construction sites.
  • Rescue and relief workers working in NGOs and other relief organizations.
  • All other persons willing to build a career in disaster management.
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