Diploma in Teacher Education in Emergencies


The Diploma in Teacher EiE is designed to equip student teachers with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to become professional teachers. Apart from equipping them with the knowledge and understanding of the teaching profession, the programme will equip them with skills to carry out teaching in complex emergencies and different social-cultural contexts. The program targets untrained practising “teachers”, trained teachers but who aspire to be deployed in emergencies and conflict-affected regions, and other individuals interested in acquiring or furthering their academic or career in Education in Emergencies.

The programme will be contextualized to address the needs of refugee, displaced, and host communities. In particular, the learning program complies with,

  1. the INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies particularly as they relate to access, community engagement, gender and disability;
  2. Guidelines on social protection (do no harm) and social inclusion (leave no one behind), classroom safety and classroom hygiene;
  3. Accessibility and mainstreaming guidelines to cater to students from refugee populations who live at a distance;
  4. Protection requirements and recognition of prior learning guidelines.
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