AB – Darius Mogaka Ogutu

Photo Darius Mogaka Ogutu

Darius Mogaka Ogutu is a Director of Education in charge of the Directorate of University Education within the State Department for University Education and Research in the Ministry of Education, Kenya. As the Directorate of University Education we are involved in; formulation and review of policies on University Education in collaboration with relevant bodies and agencies; overseeing Governance and Management of Universities; receiving and administration of university scholarships offered by foreign countries and agencies; coordination of admission of students to public universities in liaison with Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service; coordination of student exchange programmes; implementing, monitoring and evaluation of various projects in the University education sector; clearance of students going for foreign training; engagement with alumni associations and collaboration with stakeholders in promoting access, relevance and quality in the sector.  Mr. Mogaka Ogutu has previously served as Director of Education in charge of Policy, Partnerships and East African Community Affairs. His areas of expertise include; Education Policy Development & Analysis, Education Planning, Partnerships and Community Development, Assessment for Learning, Research, Educational Communication and Technology, Curriculum Development, Language Education and Children’s Rights Education. He is a member of the IUCEA and EE4A representing the State Department for University Education and Research, Ministry of Education and is keen on evidence-based policy development, implementation and analysis through an integral process of co-creation of evidence!

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