Diploma in Social Work

Somali National University (SNU)

The Diploma in Social Work Program at Somali National University prepares students for a satisfying career serving individuals and community and helping them improve their well-being through therapeutic intervention, resource management and crisis prevention. Some of the thematic areas that the program covers are: Human behavior, social welfare, policy, research, working with individuals, groups & families, schools and education services.

Social workers dig deep into cross-cutting issues such as health, safety and security, psychosocial welfare, child rights, education, guidance and counseling, social justice, and much more. The Social Work program is taught using various modes such as seminars, lectures, discussions, field work, attachments, and independent study.  Field work and attachments constitute a major portion of student  work. Upon completion graduates of  this  diploma  will  be  able  to:

  • Engage in   effective   communication  with    diverse    and/or marginalized    groups, communities and populations;
  • Provide leadership and supervision in social service organizations;
  • Analyze, interpret, create and implement government policy and legal frameworks to advocate for justice; and
  • Apply social  work  theory  to  practical  situations, emphasizing  social  justice  &  human  
  • Use  electronic  case  management  systems  for  record  keeping  and  case 
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