The African Digital University Network (ADUN)

The African Digital University Network logo

The ADUN consists mainly of African higher education scholars as well as other practitioners who are interested in the various facets of technology integration in the HE curriculum. The network engages with the nature of the contemporary university with an emphasis on the digital aspects of teaching and learning.

The establishment of the network is guided by three interrelated outcomes:

  • Scholarship: To advance scholarship within the field of educational technology
  • Innovation: To innovatively broaden the field of African educational technology theory and practice
  • Network: To interact with peers and academics representing, or who are interested in, African perspectives related to educational technologies in the HE curriculum

The ADUN develops workgroups that strive to make a difference in important digital challenges and opportunities in the African Higher Education Landscape. One of the workgroups is developing the Augmented Webinar Series for the AHEEN!

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